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Lilong group, with the lifelong mission of promoting energy healthcare, is committed to family rehabilitation and green recuperation of chronic disease groups, seeking a set of personalized health solutions based on spectrum recuperation and supplemented by functional food.

Lilong's purpose is to strive to be the first in the world in scientific research, industrial application and personnel training, and make contributions to the health of all mankind.


Our Mission

Enjoy energy To care for life


Our Vision

Become a world leader in the field of energy healthcare


Goodness, balance, go with nature flow

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Company Profile

Lilong group is a global health and health industry group, which has established trade relations with more than 120 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and other regions. Set up more than 500 store markets in 30 provinces and cities on the Chinese mainland. Tianjin Lilong group owns the first phase health industrial park of 240 acres in tianjin jinghai development zone, the company owns GMP production workshop, small household appliances production workshop, nori juice production workshop, and owns its own hotel and office building. In the south has day the second electrical appliance manufacture limited company, in the hainan has the nori juice production base, forms the north and south base layout. Lilong's zhongdun international investment co., LTD has made full preparation for the future investment and financing group listing.

6 core enterprises of Lilong company: 1. Lilong biotechnology co. 2. Dry land biotechnology co. 3. Lilong preferred e-commerce co. 4. Wuxi tianyi manufacturing co. 5. Zhongdun international investment co. 6. Yida kang technology development co. The company hopes to help more people to get health and realize the double harvest of family and wealth through the efforts of the company with the culture of utmost good.



About Mr. Zhou

Zhou Qing Kai, chairman of Lilong group, is a member of the tianjin municipal committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, a member of the hebei district political consultative conference, a member of the China democratic construction congress, the chairman of LP 9 club, and the secretary general of tianjin zhendao club. As a member of the CPPCC, he worries about the world. As an entrepreneur, he sees the world;He is a business leader, health ambassador, product experts, personally built numerous brands, world renowned.He is a business tycoon, is also a charity, more than 10 years, will be endless love spread the world;As a market leader, he masterminded.As a marketing expert, he is capable of making good decisions.As a health expert, he understands the mysteries of the human body.

Corporate Culture

Ten Hearts

Learn to say thank you:Heart of Gratitude

Be a person who can reassure parents and elders:Heart of Filial Piety

A successful business must have a dedicated team working for it:Heart of Loyalty

Responsibility of employees is the cornerstone of the development of an enterprise:Heart of Responsibility

Lifelong learning and transcendence:Heart of Learning

Tolerance and kindness:Heart of Tolerance

Patience is essential to the success:Heart of Patience

Willing to giving, not for fame nor profit:Heart of Sacrifice

Give and take as cause and effect,it is a philosophy of life:Heart of Giving

Active attitude towards life, desire for truth and persistence:Heart of Positive

Lilong Energy Healthcare Group

An international leader in energy healthcare

Lilong group is committed to the family rehabilitation and green recuperation of chronic diseases, to build an energy family.The group already has more than 300 O2O service centers in tianjin, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, shaanxi, shandong, henan, jiangsu, sichuan, zhejiang, fujian, guangxi, hainan and xinjiang.Relying on the huge ground service system and the Internet + lean experience, the group attracts entrepreneurs to fully devote themselves to the big health industry.

Over the years, with the mission of carrying forward energy medicine, the group has been exploring in the field of family rehabilitation of chronic diseases, seeking personalized health solutions based on spectrum conditioning and supplemented by functional food.Group relying on Kingston bo international and global marketing center in tianjin long biological technology co., one by one the product to the market, a comprehensive service of the people, enrich the group's industrial structure, forming a set of theory research, product development, marketing management, asset merger and acquisition for the integration of industrial chain, global market eventually grow up as an international leader in the field of energy medicine.


The secret of Shenzhou Space Program

The successful launch of shenzhou xi at 7.30am on October 17, 2016, was a very important event for lilong.For the lilong spectrum technology, is an important event.Together with the astronauts, it goes into space to strongly confirm the bionic far-infrared ray emitted by the heating plate when heated, which has the same important role as the far-infrared ray emitted by the sun, thus escorting the astronauts' space life.

Lilong's spectrum heating technology was selected for use on the shenzhou-11 spacecraft.Lilong's epoxy carbon crystal heating plate has the longest life, and bionic far infrared ray is the closest to human body.Lilong's spectrum technology comes from the first carbon crystal spectrum far-infrared technology of Chinese academy of sciences initiated by China's top scientific research institute.


About Eenergy Healthcare

Enjoy energy and care for life

Energy medicine is a kind of green practical medicine without medicine, which USES sound, light, electricity, magnetism, food, water, sunlight and air to act on the body, so as to make the cell function repair and improve to cure or regulate.

Energy medicine aims to be natural, simple, quick, painless, and safe without side effects, and truly moves medical technology from hospitals to families.It combines the energy of universe, nature and human body organically, USES the energy of natural universe to regulate human function, balance human potential and electromagnetic field, dredge human meridian system, activate human body's powerful self-healing function, improve cell state and discharge human toxins.Energy medicine, through high-tech means such as quantum, spectrum and laser, replaces chemical therapy with physical therapy to carry out comprehensive, continuous and safe physical therapy and recuperation for patients with chronic diseases, in the hope of achieving the effects of detaining disease and balancing body and spirit, so as to achieve the health state of harmony between man and nature and harmony between man and nature.

The light of life: Far infrared

International advanced nano technology core

With the international advanced nanotechnology as the core, the holographic energy conservation equipment USES the super-large carbon crystal far-infrared spectrum heating plate to emit the far-infrared spectrum of 8-15 micron.The far infrared ray of this band is easier to be absorbed by the human body, which plays an extremely important role in human survival and the growth of all living things.

1.Life science research confirms that the human body itself is a far-infrared radiation source, can absorb and emit far-infrared light, so when the far-infrared ray irradiates the human body, and its frequency is consistent with the motion frequency of the water molecule between the cell molecule and the atom in the body, the two will generate resonance.At this time, the energy is highest and can be absorbed by the organism, which increases the temperature of the deep part of the subcutaneous tissue.At the same time, activate biological molecules such as proteins, enhance the body's immunity and the ability of tissue regeneration of biological cells, accelerate the supply of nutrients and enzymes, and promote the health of the body.

2.Because the body of excess water, salt and subcutaneous fat with sweat discharge after heat activation, and fat in about 40 ℃ water soluble enhancement, more easy to discharge, therefore have effect reducing weight.

3.Far infrared ray to expand blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, activate skin cells, make the intracellular enzymes, amino acids, nucleic acids and other active ingredients are evoked life, promote the metabolism of melanin granules and the phagocytosis of white blood cells, inhibit the formation of melanin, can repair the intradermal fiber fault, make fat fine and close, can rapidly enhance skin elasticity and luster.