Become a world leader in the field of energy healthcare

Enjoy Energy

To Care For Life

Lilong group, with the lifelong mission of promoting energy healthcare, is committed to family rehabilitation and green recuperation of chronic disease groups, seeking a set of personalized health solutions based on spectrum recuperation and supplemented by functional food.

Lilong's purpose is to strive to be the first in the world in scientific research, industrial application and personnel training, and make contributions to the health of all mankind.


Our Mission

Enjoy energy To care for life


Our Vision

Become a world leader in the field of energy healthcare


Core Value

Goodness, balance, go with nature flow



Company Profile

Lilong group is a global health and health industry group, which has established trade relations with more than 120 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and other regions. Set up more than 500 store markets in 30 provinces and cities on the Chinese mainland. Tianjin Lilong group owns the first phase health industrial park of 240 acres in tianjin jinghai development zone, the company owns GMP production workshop, small household appliances production workshop, nori juice production workshop, and owns its own hotel and office building. In the south has day the second electrical appliance manufacture limited company, in the hainan has the nori juice production base, forms the north and south base layout. Lilong's zhongdun international investment co., LTD has made full preparation for the future investment and financing group listing.

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Lilong Energy Healthcare Equipments

Healthcare house and healthcare barrel

Healthcare house and healthcare barrel

Lilong healthcare products, mainly for healthcare house and healthcare barrel. Healthcare house, shape and size are like a room, according to the size of different can be divided into single use and several types of multiple use. Healthcare bucket, focus on the foot and knee care. The bucket can wrap the body's legs and feet, including the knees.


The outer box of Lilong energy healthcare equipment is made with 100 % imported cedar and eastern hemlock from Canada as raw materials. The process of making is precise and meticulous, giving play to the characteristics of balsam cedar and hemlock.

Light of life: Far infrared (FIR)

The spectrum products are all based on the carbon crystal far-infrared spectrum technology. After the super-large area of the spectrum heating plate is electrically heated, the bionic far-infrared ray that is most easily absorbed by the human body is emitted, which is supplemented by tomalin, seven-color light lamp, music and so on.

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